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We helped Snapology go from a small franchise to a worldwide player.




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Creating a spark to pour gasoline on

Snapology is such an awesome concept that jumped on a hot trend (STEM), while solving the pain points and high barriers to entry that are typically common with a fast growing franchise. We saw this the perfect opportunity to apply data science with some good old fashioned online marketing growth hacking to scale their franchise signups and interest in their nationwide programs.


Analyzing the trend and smacking it across the head

Using Google Trends and other predictive analytics tools, we understood that STEM learning was going to be big, and we had to devise a precise plan to attack the market. The data revealed that content from influencers was critical, and visuals that portrayed fun were extremely important. The target market is helicopter parents that are research junkies. It wasn't just about learning and having fun, their child's well-being was at stake.


Redesigning and optimizing their home base

The Snapology website was critical to success, because when you're in such a hot industry, the sharing power and PR you receive can sometimes be too much to handle. We ensured the website was designed beautifully across devices, SEO friendly, and extremely detailed to satisfy every question an overachieving parent had. Every little pixel was strategically placed and our hosting / caching strategy ensured quick connections and 100% uptime.


Mommy blogs galore

Sometimes you have to add fuel to the fire, and that's what the mommy bloggers did nationwide. We approached the ones with the largest Facebook followings (let's face it, Facebook is for parents nowadays) and they were too excited not to write about Snapology. Those local blog entries turned into local media interviews, which turned into national attention for Snapology and significant franchise growth.



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