Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

Overview: We made Perricone MD a dominant force online, on TV, and in retail outlets.


Perricone MD


Omnichannel Marketing


Strategy & Execution

Leveraging the power of omni-channel marketing before it was a buzzword.

Perricone MD knew they had a quality product, they just needed to reach their audience. Their anti-aging skin cream was getting worldwide attention and their distributors and retailers were basking in the glory. With a minimal direct to consumer presence, a few stores, and home shopping strategy, we saw a huge opportunity to gain sustainable growth across all channels.

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We educated the consumer that was researching Anti-aging


So much data to sanitize and analyze

Perricone had years of historical data, trends, and outcomes that needed to be structured, sanitized, and analyzed in order to understand how to attract lookalike audiences. The data revealed a clear strategy to achieve revenue growth across all channels- Online, in-store, and TV.


The data yielded hidden pockets of content to create

The average Perricone user fit a demographic that was hungry for online content and actively read 3rd party reviews on trusted sources in order to finalize their decisions of choosing the right anti-aging skin cream. The data revealed that this decision was one of the most important decisions to their consumers to make in life, right underneath buying a home.


We brought it all home with the Influencers

The product spoke for itself and the name behind the brand was very well known due to word of mouth and TV. Because of this, we were able to continually tap into strategic influencers that were excited to review the product, try it on themselves, and track their success to share with the world.  We developed this in the mid 2000's, before influencer marketing was even a thing.


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