SaaS Growth Marketing

SaaS Growth Marketing

We helped Inspectlet's SaaS offering increase market share into medium / large sized businesses.




Online Marketing


Growth Partner

Filling That Top Of The Funnel

Inspectlet does website session recording in a competitive industry with players backed by big VCs and even worldwide conglomerates like IBM. They were able to grow organically by being first to market, but once the competition started to heat up, they needed to scale online by filling the top of their free trial marketing funnel.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords count. What in gods name are people typing in when they're looking for a session recording software to replay their visitors interactions on their website in order to optimize conversion? Great question. They're not typing in any of that, so we targeted users that were typing in anything related to website creation and optimization.

Educational Content Marketing

We then identified strategic influencers that were educating the world on what it takes to build and optimize a beautiful website. These influencers have been around since the age the internet was invented and their page authorities and followings were immense. Establishing relationships was tough, but since our guest posting added so much value to their users, they couldn't turn us away.

Conversion Optimization

Once rankings increase and traffic began to soar from now only organic traffic but referral traffic from blogs with huge followings, we converted that traffic into free trial users by optimizing the website and a/b testing landing pages.


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