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Going Green Before It Was Cool

The founder of EcoSMART was a scientist who was peddling around his organic bug spray before people knew what the word organic even meant. EcoSMART bug spray was unheard of and even though it was just as effective as the status-quo but 100% safe around your children and pets, retailers weren't EcoSMART the time of day. That all changed when we helped them go viral online.

Branding Strategy

EcoSmart wasn't the catchiest name for an organic bug spray before Whole Foods was a thing, but we made it work. We knew that it wasn't about a bug spray being organic, or about how dangerous the status quo was. It was all about protecting your children and pets (who are pretty much children). That's why we went with branding across product, web and ads using the little girl and golden retriever puppy. It worked like a charm, especially since it was so true.

Forum Marketing & Seeding

Once the branding and website were set, we wanted to create buzz. Retailers were not trying to put us next to Raid and Off bug spray just because we had a cool idea that was ahead of its time, we had to prove that their was a need for this. Back then, mommy bloggers weren't really that prominent, let a lone eco bloggers, so we tapped into forums ... yes, message boards! But we did it the right way, by creating personas and contributing to the community with insightful content and help. We built our reputation in all of the forums on trust and education. We only spoke about EcoSmart 1% of the time and we made it transparent that we were affiliate with the company. People didn't mind at all and appreciated our contribution.

Using Analytics to Get Into Target, Walmart & Home Depot

Once the website and seeding strategy too off, we had hockey stick analytics to prove our worth. Retailers started to take a chance and perform tests in certain markets, watching the products fly off the shelves because of the buzz generated online. (the baby girl and the puppy helped too.)


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