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We helped Brushee go from product ideation to worldwide distribution.




Growth Hacking & Branding



From idea to household name

Sometimes you have an amazing idea that just needs a little spark to get going. That's what Brushee had, a disposable toothbrush with toothpaste right in the bristles and floss and a pick on the other side. Portable and convenient, it was poised to disrupt the dental aisle.

Creating urgency at the mass level


Creating urgency with the giveaway community

What better way to get a groundswell of traffic and buzz about your product than letting people try it out for free. Seems simple enough. The first hit was free.


Selling out on the Grommet

The giveaway increased our reach from 0 to millions within a few months, which then allowed us to approach strategic retailers online to keep the buzz going. We identified hundreds of retailers but narrowed it down to just 1. We partnered with the Grommet and we sold out in minutes.


Retailers, here we come!

Within a year, we were able to gather massive interest from global retailers and the world's largest CPG conglomerates. The story is still in motion on what will happen next, but our strategic tactics and patience have positioned Brushee to becoming a household name in no time.


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