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Marketing Interns

We offer internships for college credit all year long. Learn things you’ll never get from the classroom & get credit for surfing the web for us.

As an intern with us you will:

  • Learn our approach for digital marketing campaigns like Influencer Marketing, PPC, SEM, and SEO
  • Learn how to navigate our sales funnel and execute lead gen
  • Learn our approach to data science and analytics
  • Surf the web for online influencers
  • Interact directly with client projects
  • Get to come to our loft in Shadyside and hang out with us
  • Join a long list of successful interns who eventually go one to have AMAZING careers

You will not:

  • Get us coffee….but we might buy you some if you’re nice ;)

We prefer you do the internship for credit, but it’s not required.

We host interns in the Fall (Sep-Dec), Spring (Jan-April), and Summer (May-Aug) Semesters

We LOVE to hire former interns to join our team!

To apply email your resume (include which semester you are interested in joining us) to, or use the form on this page

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